Joyent Takes Gaming Companies to the Next Level

January 30, 2013 - by rachelbalik

When it comes to gaming, surprises are often part of the fun: You never what’s just around the corner or what challenges you’ll find in the next level. But for mobile and social game makers, surprises are often the cause of a whole lot of problems, especially when it comes to traffic to a site. A moderately successful game on Facebook can draw several thousand daily active users (DAUs). On the other hand, a hit could ramp up from thousands to millions of DAUs in a matter of hours, making it difficult for companies to anticipate or manage such unpredictable user and data intensive workloads.

To prepare for these potential spikes, gaming companies hosted on the average cloud are faced with the tough choice of either overprovisioning servers by up to 50 percent in anticipation of success or being unprepared. Gaming companies that host on Joyent don’t have to make that decision because they benefit from our highly elastic cloud infrastructure, which is built to accommodate unpredictable traffic bursts in a way that other cloud infrastructures can’t. With Joyent, companies can scale dynamically based on the daily needs of their business. That means not only being to deliver a better product to users, but also dramatically reducing the cost per DAU. And that means more profit, which means more money to invest in making a better product that delivers the kind of unpredictability users crave.

How it Works Joyent’s cloud-native architecture was built from the ground up with performance and application scaling in mind. The Joyent architecture virtualizes machines at the operating system level to manage compute, storage and networking resources in secure SmartOS zones. OS-based virtualization is orders of magnitude more cost effective and higher performing than hardware-based virtualization methods. In addition, these zones uniquely enable instant CPU bursting to smoothly handle spikes in demand. This eliminates the need to over-provision and overpay for virtual machines to accommodate unpredictable spikes in demand.

Why Companies Love It Joyent’s performance-based infrastructure helps companies to improve the gamer experience, while dramatically reducing cost per daily active user (DAU). You can read more about how Joyent is helping gaming companies like Digital Chocolate, Mob Science and Sleepy Giant and others meet the dynamic demands of their businesses in real-time here.