Joyent Wins Best Office 2.0 Suite Award

October 13, 2006 - by grassonthefield

We were given the “Best Office 2.0 Suite” award at the Office 2.0 conference today. (The official Office 2.0 conference site does not yet reflect the awards.)

Update: the site is now updated.

Congratulations to everyone at Joyent for working hard on our solutions for our customers. We are literally one of the few companies that offers applications, storage and hosting all integrated at a great price.

I was actually stunned by the announcement. Thinkfree and Zoho are formidable suites. But I guess Office 2.0 workers desire different tools. They want solutions for phone, files, and some great email. Joyent delivers this today. And our Jill’s Team product (virtual assistant) that is coming in November is right on point. It is more about collaboration and getting things done on the network rather than imitating Microsoft Office. That doesn’t mean Joyent won’t collaborate with our “competition”.

A bit of gloating, but I suppose we now know the answer to Marshall Kirkpatrick’s question posted on TechCrunch (see the screen capture below). I wonder how long it will be until TechCrunch answers its own question.

Thanks. We are thieves.

Update: Marshall answered both in the comments and in this post. Thanks Marshall!


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