Joyent's Garden of Eden for Python Web Applications

April 09, 2008 - by grassonthefield

Joyent is pleased to announce our “Garden of Eden” program offering free infrastructure for high-volume python web applications. If your python web application has 25,000 or more unique visitors every month, Joyent’s “Garden of Eden” program provides you, the python application developer, with unlimited on-demand compute, storage, memory, bandwidth for your python application (besides the nude, and buffed people everywhere). Joyent only asks that you provide Joyent unlimited access to your customer information and clickstream data. Grow your python application to 1,000,000 monthly uniques, all the infrastructure you need to run your application is on us. All we ask for is unlimited access to your customer information and clickstream data. This is no joke. We’re serious. Angel with a flaming sword guarding the garden serious.

Interested parties can get started by contacting Joyent’s developer concierge at playersclub [at] joyent [dot] com.


A large number of people have contacted me asking if this offer is a shot at Google’s App Engine. It is not. Google’s App Engine Beta offers applications “500MB of storage, 200M megacycles of CPU per day, and 10GB bandwidth per day”. I don’t know what a “megacycle” is. Is it one thousand cycles? So that’s 200 million thousand? Anyways. Joyent believes these restrictions will allow a Python application to serve up to 25,000 uniques a months. From the website we read: “We expect most applications will be able to serve around 5 million pageviews per month”. That’s about 200 page views per user per month. Your mileage may vary. However, our offer is designed to allow the enterprising Python developer to continue to build a great website business on free infrastructure without the restrictions. Think of Joyent’s Garden of Eden as graduate school. Or the “real world”.


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