Joyent's Node.js Development and Production Practices

November 09, 2013 - by TJ Fontaine

From my experience working full time for Joyent on Node.js, I appreciate our role as corporate stewards. Instead of directing the vision of the project, we simply use it in everything we do, including our public and private cloud offerings, our new object store with integrated compute, and even our employees’ pet projects like Kartlytics.

As a result of using Node.js at every turn, we have accumulated years of institutional knowledge, opinions, modules, and tools that enable us to run Node.js at scale in production. This covers everything from coding styles and design considerations through debugging large distributed systems.

Instead of leaving this information locked away in the minds of my fellow engineers, we are collecting and documenting our practices for using Node.js in production. There is a lot we have learned, and it's time we share that. So starting today, you can visit our Dev Center and read about how Joyent designs, deploys, and debugs Node.js.

While we are confident in our use and knowledge of Node.js today, we are always learning more, building more modules, and writing more tools. So the content you find is growing and changing. As we write new modules or helpful tools for debugging difficult problems, we will add them to the site. So please check back often to find out what's new or sign up for our newsletter for updates.