Linkdump: Foxconn, Kasparov and the Rise of the Robonauts

November 03, 2010 - by jacksonwest

It was election day in the United States, and across the country, Republicans were ascendant. Here in California? Not so much. Good news for cleantech that Proposition 23 is going down in flames. Too bad Proposition 19 seems to have gone up in smoke. Of course, while Cali stoners didn't win at the polls, their brothers and sisters around the world managed to crash the Secretary of State's election results website. Direct message us, @dbowen, and we'll hook you up with something more scalable! Also? Congrats!

I'll dispatch with the legal watch with an infographic that will get you up to speed on who is suing whom. After titillating the market with the announcement of a cloud computing acquisition, the announcement of the Boomi purchase felt to some like a letdown but is understandable after IBM picked up Cast Iron Systems. HP Labs' Hans-J. Boehm argues that "Transactional Memory Should Be an Implementation Technique, Not a Programming Interface." And Garry Kasporov is still talking mess about Deep Blue.

German and Japanese researchers have teamed up to find evidence of gravity waves, while the scintillating possibility of a "sterile" neutrino could be bad news for the Standard Model. "[C]ancer now ranks just below heart disease as a cause of death in the U.S. But in low-income countries with shorter life expectancies it doesn’t even make the top ten." Jellyfish to the rescue? And might we defeat the viral menace?

The final flight of the space shuttle program has been delayed another day thanks to an electrical problem, and NASA isn't just working with Rackspace on the Nebula Project, but through the Jet Propulsion Laboratory using Amazon EC2 for Mars Rover operations. Which makes it all the funnier that after getting a handshake from the moon-bound Robonaut at a Tweetup, a woman quips, "You've built a politician:"

And I promise to let you know if I ever manage to set up a cheap immersion bath for sous vide like this slow-cooker hack.

Photo of the campus housing at Foxconn by Joel Johnson for Gizmodo / Wired.


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