Linkdump: Hating on "NoSQL," Alan Turing and Ritual Human Sacrifice

November 13, 2010 - by jacksonwest

"It takes about 1,000 times more energy to move a data byte around than it does to do a computation with it once it arrives." The Economist explores the interplay of sensor networks, data visualization, cloud computing and mobile clients and then makes it accessible with some sensational worst-case scenarios at the end. A cache of a young Alan Turing's notes and work are on offer from Christie's, and Bletchley Park could use £500,000 of help to add them to the collection, while the always dapper Vint Cerf asks parliament to offer tax breaks to companies who upgrade to IPv6.

Google's latest filing in its legal tussle with Oracle over Java used on Android argues "that no infringement has transpired, and that it isn't responsible even if evidence of actual infringement is found." Apple, on the other hand, is giving the keys to Java for Mac OS X to Oracle. Mark Papermaster, who presided over the iPhone 4, has ankled to oversee network switch chip design for Cisco. At the OpenStack Design Summit, Eucalyptus Systems announced it was back to making nice with OpenStack, while at Streaming Media West, Google updated folks on the status of WebM and VP8 video, with 80 percent of daily YouTube downloads now available in open source codecs.

Intel is now offering a 120GB SATA SSD drive for $249 (an OCZ RevoDrive is currently on my wishlist). GoDaddy is now pimping .co over .com. Greg Gaughan has created a tool to run Yahoo Pipes on Google App Engine, making this Pipes user a bit less anxious the service won't survive Carol Bartz. CouchOne is ditching the term NoSQL for CouchDB, choosing sides in the "To NoSQL or to not NoSQL" controversy, and ReadWriteWeb points to a Hadoop how-to from Carlo Scarioni.

What are Joyeurs reading and watching? Ryan Dahl <3's the "Copilot: A Hard Real-Time Runtime Monitor" tech talk from Lee Pike and Galois. Jim Farrell is happy to see our customer Social Games Universe get some coverage of their IGAPI launch on VentureBeat. I'm reading about the day-to-day details of ritual human sacrifice in 15th century Tenochtitlan and picking up a little nahuatl from Inga Glendinnen's Aztecs: An Interpretation. Though admittedly it's slower going than a fateful trip up the temple pyramid steps.

Photo by me by way of explaining why there's no video as the connection here at Sea Ranch is a mere 350Kbps.


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