Webinar: Big Data on mobile, learn about how Moonshadow Mobile offers visual technology on Joyent Cloud

January 29, 2013 - by joyentirene

Date: Thursday, 1/30, 10:00 to 10:45 am Pacific Time Register Today!

Everyone has heard how political campaigns use social media to win votes, but what about using Big Data? Moonshadow Mobile offers cutting-edge technology that allows political supporters to run mapping and geospatial visualization technology on desktop platforms and smartphones. The technology is ideal for anyone working with a database that’s 500,000 elements or larger. Dealing with this kind of data could potentially require quite a bit of memory. Moonshadow Mobile has developed proprietary software that runs on Joyent.

Moonshadow Mobile has been in the cloud since 2010. They have the experience and know just what to consider when evaluating the cloud. Learn from these early cloud adopters that price is not the only criteria when selecting an IaaS partner. Moonshadow Mobile will go over:

  • What other criteria are just as important to consider when partnering with an IaaS?
  • Tips on maximizing your cloud
  • Selecting Node.js for their real-time applications

Guest speakers

  • Eimar Boesjes, CTO, MoonShadow Mobile
  • Bob Lee, CEO, MoonShadow Mobile
  • Jim Farrell, Product Marketing, Joyent

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