Our Latest Round: Looking to our Past and Future with Containers

October 31, 2014 - by Scott Hammond

Several months ago, I was looking for a new opportunity, one that would be part of a fundamental shift in cloud technology. I could see that Docker had elevated containers from an operational detail to a hot new developer tool, but what did this mean for the future of infrastructure? It didn't take long for me to find Joyent, the pioneer of OS virtualization in the cloud.

To say that Joyent was an early adopter of OS containers understates the case: Joyent was running containers in production way back in 2006 - before we even called the cloud the cloud. Joyent had proven that containers could run securely, in production and at scale - and I saw that Joyent was in a perfect position to lead the next wave of infrastructure technology.

Today as Joyent's CEO, I am very pleased to announce a new round of funding that will enable us to make good on that promise. This funding will enable us to take our proven infrastructure container platform to Docker's application container ecosystem. We believe that we will be able to connect the dots between the developer enthusiasm for Docker and the need to run containers securely and in production, serving both developers and operations teams by extending our technology to bridge the gap between them.

You will hear more from us in the coming weeks and months, but know that our belief in containers is not a Silicon Valley fashion statement; it stems from the fact that we've been running containers securely and at scale for nearly a decade. We don't just believe in OS-based virtualization, we pioneered it -- and we are excited to use this latest capital to invest in helping to accelerate broader container adoption.

We’re extremely excited for this new phase at Joyent and grateful that our investors share that passion, including Intel Capital, Orascom TMT Investments, El Dorado Ventures, EPIC Ventures, LGI Ventures and others. I’m proud to be a part of a company that has the expertise and experience to lead the container revolution into production!