Making Joyent Cloud Even Easier to Use, Manage: Announcing Partnership with enStratus

February 22, 2012 - by alexsalkever

One thing our customers have been asking for is technology to make it easier for them to scale and incorporate existing popular cloud orchestration and management tools. First we released our Cloud API to enable instantiation and management of cloud services from outside our portal. Next, Joyeur Kevin Chan built out a pull that made it even easier for developers and operations teams to manage cloud resources on Joyent Cloud (it's pending merge into the fog libraries but likely to happy very soon). Today we are announcing a partnership with enStratus. They provide a cloud management and automation platform that makes it much easier to manage and quickly scale complex cloud deployments. Here's what enStratus delivers to Joyent Cloud users:

  • Key Management and Encryption – the enStratus patent-pending security architecture holds all cloud credentials outside the cloud provider with automated encryption
  • Access Controls – Granular, fully customizable role-based security provides the right level of control for development, QA, business or partner teams
  • Automation – Automate the scaling of cloud infrastructure to meet demand and match service level requirements, using standard configuration management tools, such as Chef and Puppet
  • Financial Controls – Track and manage costs by customer or project by assigning billing codes with hard and soft spending caps
  • API – The enStratus API allows operations teams to extend, integrate or customize enStratus for specific requirements

Also, enStratus makes it drop-dead simple to manage Joyent Cloud compute resources as part of multi-cloud deployments, or, by using Chef and Puppet, two IT configuration management tools that we know many of you use and love. The enStratus API makes all of this quite elementary. Because enStratus is a platform designed for multi-cloud deployments, organizations that want to diversify their cloud utilization onto Joyent Cloud can now do so with the click of a button.

You can read up on our Wiki documentation on this new offering here. And stay tuned for an announcement of a Webinar and a subsequent Meetup that will give you a solid technical introduction covering how to deploy enStratus on the Joyent Cloud. Lastly, let us know what you think of enStratus and Joyent Cloud. We’d love your feedback. Thanks for reading.


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