Meetup - Benefits of Running Linux and-or SmartOS in a Cloud

November 28, 2012 - by Joyent

Watch our meetup in San Francisco, CA, where we highlight the commonalities of SmartOS and Linux. Presenting is Jasun Wurster, our resident Linux dataset creator and kernel optimizer, who is also one of our Customer Success Engineers for Joyent. Jasun will share his Linux perceptions and experiences in the Joyent Public Cloud. We will go over the following:

  • How Linux KVM datsets are created, performance and its current limitations.
  • Why Joyent has an optimized kernel and what makes it special. Case studies of customers who have hybrid SmartOS and Linux installments.

Jasun Wurster is is the curator of our Linux datasets and the linux optimized kernels found at His background as a Linux Systems Administrator started with installing Slakware from floppies he downloaded over a milnet link in 1995.