New Tips and Best Practices for Joyent Cloud - Roundup #1

November 27, 2012 - by joyentlindsay

Roundup of new tips, updates, partnerships, and best practices released for using the Joyent Cloud.

Implement mySQL-as-a-Service on Joyent Cloud with Xeround

Implement a resilient, highly scalable mySQL clusters using Xeround dBaaS solutions on Joyent Cloud.

Reduce the need to hire database administrators, maintain machines and orchestrate database environments for your applications.

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Deploy Messaging Services on Joyent Cloud with MessageBus

Deliver critical information and transactional messages via email and mobile channels with a convenient service from Message Bus. Message Bus runs natively on Joyent Cloud and can enhance your ability to connect and communicate with your customers.

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Maximize Application Performance on Joyent Cloud with Memcachier

Discover an easier approach to implement memory caching on Joyent Cloud with Memcachier. This service runs natively on Joyent Cloud and cuts latency through memory caching techniques.

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Updated "NodeStack" Image Available

Due to the growing demand for SmartOS / Node.js / MongoDB enabled machines, Joyent has published an updated image for its “Nodestack” package. Click here for the spec.

To hear more on how to apply the combination of these technologies, be sure to check out the talk from last month’s, “Nodestack” seminar below.

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Updates: Tips & Documentation

Dev Center Guides

We're working hard to make the job of running your applications on Joyent Cloud easier. The dev-center guides are built to help you find answers to the common tasks, such as back-ups, installing load balancers, managing images and monitoring instances. Check out the material and it will be updated as new functions are completed.

Three New Important Tips in Joyent Docs

Save Time with Joyent Database Appliances

Need to improve performance of your database? Want to take advantage of pre-configured SmartMachine packages optimized for Riak, Percona and MongoDB? Check out updates to the new appliances optimized for some of the hottest database technologies in the industry.

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