NKO 2012 Wrap Up at Joyent SF HQ

November 13, 2012 - by joyentlindsay

We made it through another amazing Node Knockout weekend! Over 800 people representing about 400 teams participated in this year's Node Knockout. There were a total of 163 entries, including many truly standout projects. As @dmitrimelikyan, founder & CEO of Nodetime tweeted,

You don’t have to take his word for it, you can see all the entries for yourself. This week is open voting so check out all the NKO entries, try out the games and tools Node hackers created this weekend, and vote for your favorites.

If you participated, congratulations! Be sure to review the Node Knockout blog for helpful tips, including how to add the voting badge to your app and create a great pitch video.

Finally, you can relive the magic of Node Knockout (or see the stuff you didn’t notice due to sleep deprivation) by watching videos from the NKO HQ event! Be sure to check out the recap video below, and stay tuned for interviews and demos up next. Sign up here to get notifications when a new video is released. Plus check out some pics we took at Node Knockout’s HQ, at the Joyent SF HQ on Facebook. "Like" your favorite pics, and maybe even Joyent’s Facebook page while you’re there. (We like you!)