Node.js Meetup: Distributed Web Architectures

August 11, 2011 - by jacksonwest

Last Thursday, August 4th, we hosted a Node.js Meetup here at Joyent HQ in San Francisco where folks running Node in production presented some of their results and experience. First off was Uber Engineering Manager Curtis Chambers, who discussed how Uber completely rebuilt their system using Node to take advantage of its efficiency and flexibility, especially since the application relies on real-time updates from mobile devices on the move in cars and in the hands of the users who hail them.

Our own Dave Pacheco demonstrated how Node is used to power the unique analytics visualization tools we offer with our SmartDataCenter software which powers the service.

Finally, Voxer CTO Matt Ranney -- who was kind enough to bring some sweet Voxer t-shirts -- explained how Voxer's mobile, real-time voice application relies on Node since minimal latency is absolutely critical to the user experience.

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