Node.js on the Road

April 05, 2014 - by Emily Tanaka-Delgado

Invigorated by the impending milestone 0.12 release of Node.js, and inspired by this ever expanding and evolving community, we set out on the ultimate Node.js roadtrip to knowledge share, learn, and connect.

Nothing is as powerful as the personal voice of experience, so having folks share their successes and learning points from scaling Node.js in production is foundational to contributing back.

We started off in our home town of San Francisco, where TJ Fontaine, the project lead, set the stage for the entire road show by addressing broader community goals and calling for folks to contribute in all dimensions (IRC, mailing list, meetups and the like), and especially in the larger documentation effort that is underway.

From San Francisco, to Seattle and Portland, we’ve had an amazing line up of speakers including Jeff Harrell of PayPal, Dav Glass of Yahoo, Ben Acker of Walmart, Nate Fitch of Joyent, and David Corona of NBC News Digital. It’s great to see such a mix of companies using Node at scale, and to learn the what, how, and why of it all.

Beyond the amazing speakers, It’s been great to see such support from our sponsors and hosts, including New Relic, Modulus, HBO, Urban Airship, Brightcove and Shutterstock.

Up next, we’re coming to Boston on April 22 and NYC on April 24. In addition to TJ Fontaine, the project lead, we’re thrilled to announce Eric Ferraiuolo, Principal Software Engineer, on the YUI team at Yahoo, will be speaking in Boston, and Roberto Masiero, SVP of ADP Innovation Labs, will be speaking in New York, with more to come!

Be sure to see what it’s all about by watching the talks, come out to an event near you, or tell us where to go next!

Join us as we connect, contribute, and pave the road ahead!