Node.js on the Road: Node at CAA

September 30, 2014 - by Joyent

Node.js on the Road is an event series aimed at sharing Node.js production user stories with the broader community. Watch for key learnings, benefits, and patterns around deploying Node.js.

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) now uses Node.js for all their line of business application development, and they deploy all their applications in the public cloud.

In this talk Glenn talks about how CAA moved from large, monolithic applications to a "many/small" architecture to not only shorten time-to-market, but also to eliminate "risk mitigation machinery" while tackling the challenge of keeping an always-growing application portfolio vibrant and alive. He discusses how the Node and Javascript patterns, styles, and ecosystem are particularly well suited to this approach, and he describes CAA’s Node stack and deployment patterns.

Glenn Scott, Product Development
Creative Artists Agency