Node.js: One Language to Rule Them All

September 28, 2012 - by aaronheckmann

We at 10gen are thrilled about our ongoing partnership with Joyent and our upcoming participation in the NodeStack online conference. I’ll be giving a presentation at the conference on Node.js and MongoDB. Here’s a preview of what I’ll be talking about:

Individually, MongoDB and Node.js are both powerful tools. Using them together, however, further amplifies the ease of use, scalability, and resiliency that developers can derive from using these tools on their own. MongoDB’s document-oriented model is ideal for the modern object-oriented programmer. Node.js provides one language to rule them all -- from a client side, server side, and database administration standpoint. These capabilities make it substantially easier to build end-to-end applications, boosting developer productivity. In my discussion at NodeStack, I’ll walk viewers through how these benefits manifest themselves using real life use cases and demos.

I hope you’ll join me at 10:00 AM PST on Wednesday, October 17 for my presentation at NodeStack.