Node Knockout Winners Announced

September 03, 2010 - by jacksonwest

The winners of the Node Knockout challenge have been announced! Swarmation eked past for the overall title, but still took home the "people's choice" award for popularity. We had a lot of fun hosting the contest both in real life here at Joyent headquarters in San Francisco and virtually on Joyent's beta SmartMachines engineered to run Node.js applications.

During the event, we spoke to Node Knockout instigators Gerad and Visnu, as well as a couple of the teams competing and Node.js creator Ryan Dahl. Videos, with accompaniment by DJ Epcot and AB & The Sea who performed at the office over the weekend, below:

A big thanks to everyone who helped out to make the event possible, as well as all of the participants, and a hearty congratulations to the victors! Check out all the winners and contestants, but be forewarned, you might get hooked on some of the games and fail to realize that you really should be leaving the office early to get a jump start on the three-day weekend.