Node on Azure and SDK Release

December 16, 2011 - by brauneric

Earlier this week you may have seen word from Corporate Vice President Scott Guthrie or the Interoperability Team at Microsoft, but today the Azure team released their announcement regarding Node on Windows Azure and the Windows Azure SDK for Node.js. After many months of hard work between the Azure team and the core team here at Joyent on the port of Node and npm, we're seeing Node's first appearance in Microsoft's products. For Joyent and the Node community, this is yet another strong statement regarding the maturity and enterprise-readiness that Node has achieved. Providing a first-class experience for Node developers on Windows is like strapping space shuttle solid rocket boosters to a technology that was already shattering airspeed records for community growth and enthusiasm. You will have the opportunity to hear more about Node from Microsoft's perspective from Scott Guthrie himself in late January at the Node Summit.

Ryan Dahl, Engineer at Joyent and creator of Node, also chimes in on the importance of this achievement.