Node v0.6 with Native Windows Support Released

November 08, 2011 - by brauneric

In case you missed the exciting news on Nov 5, v0.6 of Node has been released!

With this stable branch comes many highly anticipated improvements, but none a bigger testament to the rapid maturity and adoption of Node than native Windows support. We softly announced this effort back in June, and after nearly 5 months of truly harmonious collaboration between Microsoft, Rackspace and Joyent, this impressive milestone has been achieved. Joyent is now working on finalizing and stabilizing NPM updates for Node developers on Windows.

Other major updates in v0.6 include: integrated load balancing over multiple processes, better support for IPC between Node instances, an improved command line debugger, a built-in binding to zlib for compression, and an upgrade of v8 from 3.1 to 3.6.

For more information about v0.6, you can visit Microsoft's and Ryan's posts, the latter of which includes some impressive performance benchmarks as well.

We have much more work to do and more announcements to share, so be sure to keep up with our progress here.