Nodejitsu and Joyent: We Feel the Need for Speed (And Scalability, Reliability and Ease of Use)

February 07, 2013 - by rachelbalik

In the past year, journalists, enterprise organizations and forward-thinking developers everywhere are realizing that Node.js is more than just a passing fad: It’s ready for the big time. But long before some of the world’s biggest and fastest growing companies were building in Node, Nodejitsu was providing a platform for developers to deploy and host their Node apps. Nodejitsu was founded by some of the first hackers to fall in love with Node, back in the day when bugs were far more numerous. Based on the problems they found and the solutions they generated, they founded Nodejitsu, a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) built by Node developers, for Node developers.

Today, Node is production-ready, and Nodejitsu continues to run the kind of business that sets developers up for business success. That means focusing on scalability, user friendliness and reliability. To support those goals, Nodejitsu relies on the Joyent cloud. Not only is Joyent optimized for Node development, but Joyent’s infrastructure and reliability help Nodejitsu support customers with high-growth websites and dynamic traffic bursts.

Nodejitsu also offers simple one-line deployments, and make sure that customers can take advantage of all Node has to offer with excellent websocket support. In fact, Nodejitsu’s continuous deployment offering - something for which most PaaS providers charge extra - is free. Of course, customer service is available 24 hours a day, and the people delivering support are Node engineers themselves. Nodejitsu is also still involved with the growth and evolution of the Node community through the maintenance of more than two dozen major open source projects.

It’s this commitment to the Node community as well their partnership with Joyent that has made seamless scalability so successful for Nodejitsu and it’s customers. Most recently, the partnership enabled the website “This is Now” to ramp up to over a million views over the course of three weeks. This is Now renders real-time updates from geo-tagged Instagram photos so users can explore different cities through user-generated content. This is Now is just a glimpse of what Nodejitsu and Joyent can accomplish, but there are bigger things coming.

Soon, Nodejitsu will be taking their product to the next level, supporting businesses who want to host mission critical applications in their cloud. Stay tuned for more updates on how Node (with the help of Nodejitsu) is growing up!