Nodestack Online Conference a Great Success!

October 18, 2012 - by Graham Neray, Product Marketing Manager at 10gen

10gen was thrilled to participate yesterday in the first ever NodeStack online conference. NodeStack is a new set of technologies -- SmartOS, MongoDB, and Node.js -- deployed as a stack that is uniquely suited to address the increasing demands of modern application development. The conference featured edifying presentations, vibrant panel discussions, and live Q&A from viewers tweeting out questions to our presenters. Some highlights include:

  • Aaron Heckmann , 10gen engineer and Node.js guru, showcased how MongoDB's flexible data model and Node.js' ease of use are a match made in heaven.
  • Nuno Job of Nodejitsu brought the simple and lean nature of Node.js to life, providing ample code samples, real-life use cases, and quirky analogies (ranging from pizza chefs to anterograde amnesia, as portrayed in the motion picture, Memento)
  • Panelists fielded Twitter questions on scaling with MongoDB ("Can it handle terrabrtyes of Data?" -- Yes!), finding developers who can code against Node.js and MongoDB (easy), the viability and relevance of Platform-as-a-Service for enterprises (remains to be seen), and the strength of the community (!).

NodeStack 2012 was an overwhelming success. With over 2,500 unique views of the live stream, it's hard to deny NodeStack's market traction.