NodeStack Online Conference Recap

October 26, 2012 - by Nuno Job, Chief Commercial Officer at Nodejitsu

NodeStack 2012

This is a guest post by Nuno Job, Chief Commercial Officer at Nodejitsu

Team Nodejitsu was excited to participate in last week’s inaugural NodeStack online conference. NodeStack took a look at the new technology stack that is emerging around Node.js. Because of its performance characteristics (improved concurrency and lower memory usage) Node.js allows organizations to perform tasks more efficiently. It's no wonder that the technology is being used in many soft-real time applications, enterprise mobile applications and even in robotics.

NodeStack joined some of the market leaders exploring these advantages: Joyent, who has written their infrastructure service mostly in SmartOS & Node.js; Nodejitsu, who leverages Node.js capabilities to build a best of breed Node.js cloud; 10gen and MongoLab which together are bringing a next generation NoSQL database that Node.js developers love; and Clock, a digital agency from the U.K. that specializes in Node.js that has been spearheading the effort to make Node.js used in the publishing market, (Clock built the NodeStack site!)

I had the honor of opening the conference, where I introduced Node.js and explained why the technology matters. Sessions followed by Aaron Heckman on how to use Node.js and and MongoDB, and an explanation by Bryan Cantrill on why SmartOS is the way to instrument and debug Node.js applications in production. A panel followed where the audience could ask questions through Twitter #NodeStack.

The event was an impressive milestone: There were over 600 concurrent views at peak, and over 2,000 views to the stream throughout the conference. We rarely ever have the chance to explain Node.js to such a large audience and were very happy to see that most of the attendees were people outside the existing community. It also helps reiterate the close relationship we have with Joyent: Great, extremely bright engineers that are focused on building the best infrastructure the world has to offer.

Thank you to everyone who joined us from all of the team behind NodeStack- 10gen, Joyent, Clock, Nodejitsu, and MongoLab. The videos are now live at Keep the conversation going at #NodeStack and we look forward to seeing you at the next one! ;-)