On Google, performance, scale, value and trust in the cloud

June 29, 2012 - by lreitman

Yesterday Google announced their Google Cloud Engine Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering.  Here at Joyent we see this as a validation of the Infrastructure as a Service sector, but view the market and the market demands with a different lens.  At Joyent, we've believed for a few years now that web and mobile application requirements are changing and are becoming much more user intensive and unpredictable. That’s why we've developed an integrated cloud infrastructure built from the ground up to deliver more performance, scale, value, and high-touch customer support.


Performance has two sides to its coin.  The first is great hardware and great bare metal performance from a virtual machine. Joyent runs our service on all new Intel-based hardware.  Second, when we do see performance challenges, we are in constant conversation with our customers, helping to evaluate their application performance and improving their end-user experiences throughout our entire stack.  Only Joyent provides tools such as our Cloud Analytics views to help customers debug their own performance challenges.


When Joyent hears scale, we think it’s about both scale and scalability.  In our experience, most customers getting started in the cloud begin with a very small number of virtual machines utilizing 1, 2, or 3 cores and grow over time to hundreds and thousands of machines.  In addition, we've seen customers who have grown beyond public cloud offerings, so our SmartDataCenter offering allows customers a glide path when a public cloud alone no longer meets their cost or scale needs. One proof point of our scaling capabilities is that some of the world's largest telcos, like Telefonica, are betting their new cloud business on Joyent's cloud infrastructure performance solutions.


Cost and Value are more than just the cost per hour of an instance. Joyent is focused on today's user intensive web applications - mobile and social games, retail, and ecommerce as just a few examples.  This can add up to an immense amount of network traffic.  On Joyent, the first 20TB Per Month Per Account of data transfer are included in a customer’s cost per hour.  Additionally, Joyent's unique bursting capabilities allow you to deal with the small un-expected spikes without carrying 30% extra load, just in case.  If you've been with Joyent for a while you'll also see we're consistently evaluating our pricing to make sure we stay competitive with the broader market.

Trust and Touch

A fourth element that we believe is essential as customers are moving to the cloud is customer support and customer touch.  Our Support, Operations and Engineering team are consistently engaging with our customers and community to make sure that when possible your issue is resolved.  At Joyent, there is always a person on the other side of your email or problem.  At Joyent we stand by you as you stand up your infrastructure.

We're excited to see new entrants enter the IaaS marketplace that will push the industry to deliver innovation for customers and businesses.  We're interested in learning about your infrastructure strategy and understanding what matters to you and your evaluation of service providers.

--Laurel Reitman

Vice President, Product

Photo credit katerha