One of Our Favorite Kingmakers Sheds Light on Nerd Power!

January 17, 2013 - by rachelbalik

Our partners and friends at New Relic just sponsored a very insightful book titled, “The New Kingmakers: How Developers Conquered the World,” by Stephen O’Grady, Redmonk analyst. The book discusses the way that today’s economy is shaped by technology and developers. New Relic offers a simple, elegant app performance management solution. Since its inception, it’s always been a big advocate for the developer community.

Here’s an excerpt from the forward of "The New Kingmakers:”

“Today, developers are unquestionably one of the most important assets a business has…This important book documents developers’ movement out of the shadows and into the light as new influencers on society.”

  • Lew Cirne, Founder and CEO, New Relic

New Relic invites you to get your free digital copy of the book today when you sign up for a free New Relic account - it takes about 30 seconds and there’s no credit card required. Or even better, deploy the New Relic agent today and get a free Nerd Life t-shirt to commemorate your status as one of today’s power players. (Then share the good news with all your friends.)

At Joyent, we are also big advocates for developers, and have witnessed firsthand how developers are the force behind business growth and evolution. The SmartOS operating system, which ultimately drove the creation of our business technology, grew out of open source communities and remains open source to this day. The Joyent business and services grew out of a need to give developers the highest performing compute operating environment available. This enables our customers to focus on building the best possible web and mobile applications within a resilient environment that lets them scale beyond their aspired growth.

Joyent also serves as a bridge between open source and enterprise when it comes to Node.js. We have been the stewards of Node.js. since the 2009, when it was first offered to the developer community. Startups have used Node.js for a while, but now enterprises are building mobile solutions on Node.js. It’s one of the most watched repositories on GitHub and has surpassed Rails in number of packages available through the NPM (Node Package Manager).