Opscode Chef Heats Up With Joyent

April 26, 2013 - by Van Diamandakis

We’re always cooking up new things at Joyent, and this week we announced a made-to-order partnership with Opscode. We’re now fully supporting Chef, Opscode’s infrastructure automation software, on the Joyent Cloud.

If you’ve been following Opscode, you know that the the devops-focused toolset is cooking up a storm. Over the course of the year, they’ve started working with Joyent, as well as with other cloud IaaS vendors, and this week they hosted their annual #ChefConf 2013 to showcase that momentum. (We got to be part of the fun with our joint customer Wanelo giving a talk on "The Kitchen Cloud How To: Automating Joyent SmartMachines with Chef.")

And all this only means good things for our customers. With our support of Chef, they can access tasty recipes from all the Opscode community to spin up large projects or adapt existing recipes to create new projects. In fact, as The Register highlighted yesterday, we used Chef to help spin out our Hadoop service in late January.

Chef also gives our customers more mobility in their cloud deployments. As Barb Darrow at GigaOm notes, that means folks who’ve deployed workloads in another cloud can move the whole kit-and-kaboodle over to Joyent.

Sound easy? That’s because it is. With Chef, we’re helping businesses take advantage of the the Joyent Cloud without requiring the time (and cost) of manually managing a bunch of virtual machines. It means you can spend more time focusing on the recipe for your business and leave the ingredients to us.