Production Node.js Core Support for All

December 03, 2013 - by Ben Wen

Joyent is pleased to announce Node.js support on just about any OS and infrastructure. Called Node.js Core Support, this new offering from the corporate stewards of Node.js, offers commercial support to the growing number of Node.js users and enterprises outside of Joyent's public or private cloud.

Scaling along with Node.js

Like proud parents, Joyent is delighted to see the rapid growth of Node.js globally, powering the biggest websites to tiny microcontrollers. And, as Node.js usage grows, it is becoming a trusted component of load-bearing infrastructure. As Node.js enters this next phase of growth in production, we have been approached by many corporate users who are rolling out production deployments at scale of Node.js. Often they are interested in support for their deployments, which we can now provide in a variety of environments, in private data centers or even in clouds that are not our own.

Why is Joyent doing this?

Node.js is filling a niche that has been in the making since the first AJAX request was made. Once public APIs became popular and useful, something needed to flexibly connect those endpoints together. Node.js is a very good tool for that glue logic. And, as corporate stewards for Node.js, we very much want to see it flourish. And yes there is a rich, vibrant free Node.js support community in mailing lists, chat channels, and wikis. We fully support and encourage these volunteers (and we provide a few of our own people as well, and will continue to do so).

If you are a developer that plans to run, or are running business critical Node.js applications in production, you may need more direct and immediate expert support. If so, Node.js Core Support is scoped with you in mind. We enthusiastically welcome you into the Node.js community and to our Joyent Node.js Core Support. (Visit our sign up page to learn more.)

Node.js Core Support is intended to provide support for Node.js Core, that is the core binaries and library APIs provided at the official Node.js website. It is an analysis and troubleshooting service to root out issues in the Node.js Core on Linux, Solaris, OmniOS, and of course our SmartOS. Details will be available shortly.

For Joyent customers, we have always offered Node.js support public at the Production, Business Critical, and Mission Critical tiers These Node.js customer support services are a superset of Node.js Core Support and are available to customers running in the Joyent Compute Service or running our SmartDataCenter software.