ReelSurfer Video, a Case Study Within a Case Study

November 19, 2012 - by joyentirene

A couple months ago, our Joyent multimedia guru got in a terrible bike accident (he's ok, mending rapidly!) Before his accident, we went down to Palo Alto to shoot a video for a customer case study with Christian Yang, Neil Joglekar and Gideon Goodwin at ReelSurfer. The video shoot was great, but we had no one to help us edit the video and the footage sat on our media server for weeks. Recently, I had Christian and Neil come up to San Francisco for a Joyent customer networking dinner. During dinner, they suggested that I take the raw footage and edit the video myself using ReelSurfer.

At first, I was nervous, I am not a video editor. As I started to clip away, it started to get fun, it was my new “Ms. Pac Man game.” (Yes, I still enjoy Ms. Pac Man!) And voila, it took me less than 30 minutes to edit all the raw footage. Trust me, if I can create a video you can.

Since my ReelSurfer case study video, I’ve been dabbling, sharing videos with my friends. It’s been such a creative outlet for me. ReelSurfer is really one of those 2.0 tools that I think everyone has a use for. Heck, I think the next Joyent newsletter we send out should be short clips on ReelSurfer.

Please watch the ReelSurfer Joyent customer video.

Thanks Christian, Neil and Gideon, the ReelSurfer video is finally up! I think my next personal video will be a holiday video card!