Relaunching our Node.js Service

March 01, 2011 - by lreitman

Today we’re re-launching our Node.js service, with a few key enhancements.

New Versions of Node.js

First, in our effort to make sure our users always have the latest Node.js available to them, we now have 0.4.0 and 0.4.1 versions of Node.js available on the service.  We remain committed to making sure you can always use the latest greatest versions of Node.js on our service.  To take advantage of the latest version of Node.js, you can choose "latest" in the config.json file or choose a specific version.  More details on choosing node versions are available on our wiki.

Cloud Analytics

Second, we are introducing cloud analytics to the Node.js Service.  This is an exciting new capability that will make it easier to track down potential problems within your Node.js applications.  For a complete run-down on the new capabilities you can check out Dave's blog post that goes into detail around the new features and how to best leverage the new cloud analytics capabilities and Robert's blog post that looks under the covers at the DTrace probes that were added to Node.js to make this possible.


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