Scripting the Zeus/Stingray API

August 07, 2012 - by joyentlindsay

Joyent's Senior Solutions Architect Peter Yorke released an image yesterday to automate Zeus/Stingray load balancer set up.  Here's the shell script, but you have to see how the script works broken down by line, plus variations and tips.  

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So you are digging the Joyent API, you have your provisioning working with your Chef or Puppet Scripts.

Here is a shell script you can use to add that new box to your Stingray load balancer.



/opt/zeus/zxtm/bin/zcli << EOF

Pool.addPool ["JoyentDemo"],[["","",""]]

Pool.setLoadBalancingAlgorithm ["JoyentDemo"], roundrobin

Pool.setPassiveMonitoring ["JoyentDemo"], 0

Pool.setMonitors ["JoyentDemo"], "Full HTTP"

Pool.setKeepalive ["JoyentDemo"], 1

VirtualServer.addVirtualServer ["JoyentDemo"],{"default_pool" : "JoyentDemo","port" : "80","protocol":"http"}

VirtualServer.setCompressionEnabled ["JoyentDemo"], yes

VirtualServer.setEnabled ["JoyentDemo"], 1



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