Skookum Digital Works & Joyent: A Match Made in Tech Heaven

November 28, 2012 - by Pat Morrell

This is a guest post from Pat Morrell, Sales Development at Skookum Digital Works.

I spent roughly 37 minutes deliberating between two basketball shoes at Footlocker this weekend: 1) the “Derek Rose 3.0s”; and 2) the rebooted “Air Pennys.”

Caving to Gen-Y nostalgia, I went with the Pennys. At checkout, my older brother exasperatedly noted that I “take my sweet time” with even the smallest decision.

Naturally, I disagreed. “Not all decisions,” I claimed (cue the business-relevant blog segue….)

A prime example of efficient judgment: the no-brainer decision for our team at Skookum Digital Works (SDW) to officially jump at an invitation to join the Joyent Solutions Partner Ecosystem. SDW has partnered with Joyent on several app deployments this past year, to great mutual success. It was only a matter of time until we made this complementary business partnership official.

If you’ve worked with SDW before, you know that we build custom software to help heads of innovation, technology, & marketing solve business challenges. Mobile apps, custom intranets, you name it – if it runs on a screen, we can build it. Whether you’re one of our startup clients, or among our friends in the Fortune 1000, you’ve seen SDW’s agile and tech-agnostic team deliver custom apps at “less-than-IBM” dollars.

NOTE: Regarding your question, the answer is “yes, that was a quasi-shameless plug for our sales guys…”

Given our successful track record in the technology “as-a-Service (aaS)” arena – and based on Skookum's pioneering work in Node.js – we’re excited to kick off this Joyent-SDW partnership by cohosting the second installment of Joyent’s “DIYvAAS” webinar series. On December 12th at 1pm EST SDW Director of Technology, Hunter Loftis, will join folks from Message Bus and Memcachier to dive deeper into the discussion on specialized cloud services, and explore the services from both the provider and the customer viewpoints.

I can sense you bubbling with excitement. You should be. If you’ve wanted to explore the economies of scale and knowledge -- and the quantitative business benefits -- of “as-a-Service” partnerships, this is the webinar for you.

For a quick preview of how Hunter Loftis and the SDW team think about software, mobility, or "business technology" in general, check out the Skookum blog.

Of course, you can only learn so much from our website. You gotta sign up for the webinar to hear about the real secret sauce. So register here, and we’ll see you then.

“SDW does’t always build apps in Node.js, but when we do, we deploy with Joyent.” – Pat Morrell