Sliders, Stories and Suggestions: Eating, Listening and Learning at last Thursday's Joyent Celebration

September 20, 2011 - by alexsalkever

We celebrated the launch of the new Joyent Cloud last Thursday night with a most excellent party for some of our most excellent customers and other cloud luminaries in downtown SF. We ate a lot of sliders, swapped a lot of stories, and learned a whole lot about what our customers are doing in the Joyent Cloud, what they plan to do, and what they hope to do. Equally important, we learned what they don’t like about us and we internalized that information because part of our job is to constantly evolve our product, add new features, and build great technology that customers love.

What was perhaps the most interesting part of the night for me was a round robin of impromptu video Q&A sessions I held with customers and non-customers alike attending the event. I heard a bit about why Erlang is better than Node.js (we don’t buy it but we’ll listen). I learned how Bitcasa will never make money selling an infinite amount of storage for a fixed price (well, never say never). I also learned how to manage an office with three dogs and a bowling alley (with great difficulty and no cats).  I talked to customers about storage applications, photo sharing, real-time ad exchanges, building NoSQL databases for Platform-as-a-Service, and how to think about DTrace integration into the Linux kernel. All of which was slightly over my head. But the sum of the parts tells you that we really need to get our customers together more often to celebrate.

Standing up our new cloud was a huge milestone but we’re already thinking about the next features that we need to build into the Joyent Cloud. If you come have a drink with us, I’m certain our engineers will be happy to discuss them with you. And for everyone on our own team who helped stand up the new cloud and customers who signed up (we got a tremendous response) thanks and there’s a lot more to come!


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