Slingshot (Public Release)

May 01, 2007 - by grassonthefield

Today Joyent is opening up the gates to Slingshot. Please check out Slingshot for Windows and Macintosh, along with a Rails plugin that makes it easier to get your Rails application working with Slingshot, and Radiant CMS running on Slingshot. It is all available from I have said more about Slingshot previously (announcement, apologia, open source). We will be releasing the source code for Slingshot next month (June, 2007) under the GPL. There will be a commercial version of Slingshot with additional features and support options. The commercial version of Slingshot will be free to developers using Joyent Accelerators.

To celebrate the launch of Slingshot, Joyent is offering Large Accelerators for a year (a $1250 value) to the developers who best port an open source Rails application to Slingshot. Examples could be:



Entries will be judged by Joyent. The criteria for “best port” is a combination of “ah-hah!”, “wow”, “nice”, “joyous”, “utility”, “functionality”, “originality”, “drag and drop”, “user experience”. The contest closes June 15, 2007. Please “register” for the contest by creating an entry on the developer wiki.

While Slingshot will always remain a work in progress, we have had success with a number of projects running on Slingshot. Joyent is committed to continued development of the project and your participation will help to make Slingshot a success. We hope you enjoy Slingshot.

Update: here’s the mailing list URL.


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