SmartOS improves Node.js debugging experience

November 26, 2012 - by Marco Meinardi

This post was originally published on Marco Meinardi's blog, Tech Apostle. This is the first in a series about debugging Node.js applications, with part two to be released shortly. Marco is Joyent's EMEA Technical Director.

Recently I was a spectator of one of the very first online conferences about the rise of a new software stack built for mobile and web applications. The new stack is NodeStack and is comprised of Node.js, MongoDB, and SmartOS. It is intended to replace the now surpassed LAMP stack, as modern applications have to deal with real-time response delivered at scale, required when interacting with an exploding number of mobile devices.

NodeStack conference featured a fabulous talk by Bryan Cantrill (@bcantrill), Joyent SVP of Engineering, going through why Joyent's operating system, SmartOS, really makes a difference within the stack. His points were so prescient, or his talk was so good that I decided to give my contribution translating it into this blog post.

If debugging your Node.js apps in production sounds like a dream come true, read on at Tech Apostle!