Watch it Wednesdays: Stop the Guessing With Performance Analysis Methodologies

July 17, 2013 - by rachelbalik

If you follow our blog or Brendan Gregg’s DTrace blog, you know there’s a great deal of depth, complexity and detail in the performance analysis discipline. That said, there are many people who include solving performance issues as part of their broader job descriptions that aren’t prepared to get knee deep in the weeds. In this talk originally delivered at the 2013 Velocity Conference, Brendan Gregg gives a high-level perspective on how performance analysis methodologies can used by nonspecialists looking to solve common performance issues, and to do so quickly.

Watch Brendan’s talk to find out where to begin, how to form a checklist, how to pose the best questions and above all, how to be methodological when answering your production system questions.

(You can also catch Brendan next week at OSCON on Open Source Systems Performance.)