Xeround’s Free Cloud Database Now Available on Joyent Cloud

July 09, 2012 - by shogatwo

This is a guest blog post written by Yuval Lubowich, AVP of Products at Xeround - a Joyent partner that provides a zero-management, highly-available and scalable Cloud Database for MySQL applications.

We’re happy to announce that Xeround’s free cloud database is now available on Joyent Cloud. Sign up to create your free DB instance today!

What is Xeround?

Xeround Cloud Database seamlessly replaces your existing MySQL database and lets you scale automatically and maintain high availability - all in a simple, zero management database-as-a-service.

Rather than having to manually install, configure, monitor and manage your database to ensure it is running smoothly, you can now create a new DB instance instantly and guarantee availability and scalability with just one click.

Xeround’s database service includes:

  • Auto Scaling – your database scales out across multiple nodes when more capacity or throughput are required and shrinks back down when it is underutilized.
  • No Downtime SLA Guarantee – Xeround’s built-in replicas and auto-healing architecture ensures your database is always available.
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Unlimited Throughput
  • SSL support
  • Zero management solution
  • Phone, email & web support
  • No code changes to your app!

Xeround’s service comes in 3 editions and includes a free tier and two paid plans. Initially, we’re offering Xeround’s free plan to Joyent cloud users, with additional plans scheduled to launch soon.

Xeround’s free plan is limited up to 10MB and is most suitable for small web applications and for development and testing purposes. It enables developers to experience the least amount of friction when developing for the cloud- freeing them to focus on their code rather than on DB management tasks or on the IT side of things.

No code changes are required for porting your existing MySQL app, and no architectural or coding considerations are required to ensure availability or enable scaling -- we take care of all of that for you.

Discover the easy way of running MySQL in the cloud: Sign up create your free cloud database on Joyent today!

For more information:

In this session we will demonstrate how simple it is to create a new, fully functional, FREE database instance, connect your app, scale automatically, and even maintain service when a cloud server crashes- and your database continues to work as if nothing had happened!


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