Joyent Powers Up: Thump Football

February 23, 2011 - by jacksonwest

Counting down to the Game Developers Conference, we’ll be highlighting one game a day powered by Joyent technology. Partly for an excuse to play games at work, sure, but also because our customers have developed some really fun, cool titles!

Aaron Rodgers and the NFL Champion Packers from Green Bay are probably soaking their joints in Disney World jacuzzis right about now, and the only big football event that really matters until next fall is the draft in late-April, so it'll be a while before you can play Thump Football. That's because the iOS-based game actually lets you interact with real, live action on the field for a unique approach to mobile sports games.

Sure, you might put some money down on a game between friends, but if you need a little something extra to keep a mid-season matchup between two mid-tier teams interesting, Thump is just the thing. Every play is another opportunity to gamble points on your hunch about what the team is planning. But don't take my word for it -- former Oakland Raider Bill Romanowski and professional poker champion Phil Hellmuth serve to demonstrate the kind of hyper-competitive gaming enthusiasts that Thump games are perfect for:


The game allows you to play against your friends or strangers by predicting what the team on the field plans to do next, and whether you think they'll execute. If it's 3rd and long, for instance, you might figure that Rodgers would try to pass for a first down -- and lay your points down on that bet in Thump. If you're right, and your friend is wrong, then you get the points and the bragging rights as an offensive genius (or psychic).

Of course, Thump Games has plans beyond football. I have it on good authority that the next sport the company is planning to offer interaction with is baseball, and with pitchers and catchers already having reported to spring training, that's just around the corner. And possibly even more than football, baseball as any number of possible outcomes on which to wager, meaning for sports obsessives it could be a perfect game.


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