Joyent Powers Up: ZooLife

February 25, 2011 - by jacksonwest

As everyone should understand by now, while the Internet and World Wide Web might have been intended for sharing information and research, they have collectively developed into the world's fastest and most efficient delivery mechanisms for descriptions, pictures, movies and games involving cute animals. We might be excited about technologies like Node.js here at Joyent, but we're comfortable that inevitably it, like everything else online, will be used to power "Awwwwww" interactions on a massive scale.

Hence, ZooLife from Neverbug Entertainment. It's basically all animals, all the time. You start with a "Jungle" habitat in which you can place a monkey or three. These, and any other animals you add to your menagerie, will have to be taken care of -- fed, clean and played with -- or else you'll end up with some sad primates wandering around famished in clouds of dust. And there's nothing cute about that.

As you progress through the levels by improving your zoo, you can start to build out more habitat types and populate them with many, many more animals -- including big-ticket features like elephants, giraffes and even the deadly rhinoceros. (Don't worry, as hard as I've tried, I haven't been able to get any zoo animals to eat any other zoo animals, so it won't be the cause of any possibly awkward conversations about the circle of life with children.)

For the most part, however, your pet beasts don't need too terribly much attention, so once you've decorated you can just sit back, relax, and watch as they go about their business. The more animals and better landscaping you have, the more attractive (and profitable) your zoo will become. Then it's just a matter of inviting friends to admire your handiwork and making them go "Awwwww" as well. Don't fight it. It's the Internet's way.


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