Joyent Powers Up: Chicken's Flying School

February 22, 2011 - by jacksonwest

Counting down to the Game Developers Conference, we’ll be highlighting one game a day powered by Joyent technology. Partly for an excuse to play games at work, sure, but also because our customers have developed some really fun, cool titles!

By Lisa Petrucci

While everyone seems to be flocking to Angry Birds, for the very young at heart there's Chicken’s Flying School from Xenao Games. In the game you have 20 days (20 levels) to prepare for a flying tournament. Apparently, it is possible to teach chickens how to fly, but the trick of the game is that you have to give the little chicks an extra “lift” with blasts of air. Who knew it is that simple?

Eggs are laid non-stop by the mother hen and, once hatched, it is your job to keep them airborne until they learn to fly. Once they spread their wings they fly over to a perch and watch you teach the rest. Think Duck Hunt but with a decidedly less deadly aim. Of course, if you're looking for something a little less cute and cuddly, you might try Xenao's other title, Doom Forge.

Each level brings more challenges, and sometimes more distractions. Keep an eye out, however, because once in a while some help. In the first level you learn how to use and recharge the air sponge. But by level 3 you have to contend with a birds of prey that cause the flying chicks to fall.

Each level brings more chicks in need of training. We’re talking chicks everywhere. Just be glad you do not have to scoop chicken poop. It’s a simple, fun game that definitely keeps your attention without necessarily bringing your entire social circle into the mix, keeping it casual. Check it out and see if you think it deserved a “chick, chick, hurray” or if it is time to let the fox loose in the henhouse.


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