Joyent Powers Up: Coffee Bar

February 18, 2011 - by jacksonwest

Counting down to the Game Developers Conference, we’ll be highlighting one game a day powered by Joyent technology. Partly for an excuse to play games at work, sure, but also because our customers have developed some really fun, cool titles!

While it lacks the fantastic setting of a post-apocalyptic earth or the middle ages, Coffee Bar from Mob Science still manages to find a lot of fun in the very familiar. And at least here in San Francisco, where it seems everyone has some vision of a cafe they'd like to open, having a virtual outlet to explore that fantasy might keep a few folks from pouring their life savings into yet another hipster caffeine station.

I kid because I love! Seriously If you've played The Sims, you should feel right at home. You can dress your avatar, buy furniture, expand your shop and your menu, and add decorative touches. Keep servings of coffee available and your waiters will keep your customers happy. Of course, not enough seating or nothing to serve and folks will start leaving virtual bad Yelp reviews, and your coffee bar rating will sink accordingly.

Of course if coffee isn't your thing, there's also Drinks on Me -- a more casual game but one where you can get "wrecked." While there's no guarantee you won't say something inappropriate to a friend, at least you won't have to cope with an actual hangover.

If you find yourself playing Coffee Bar while at an actual coffee bar, you might just have a problem. I remember years ago my girlfriend pointing out that while I was washing dishes in The Sims, there were actual dishes (In 3D! With smell-o-vision!) in the sink to clean. So try to keep your habit under control -- after all, caffeine is addictive!


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