Joyent Powers Up: MyDinos Go

February 15, 2011 - by jacksonwest

Counting down to the Game Developers Conference, we’ll be highlighting one game a day powered by Joyent technology. Partly for an excuse to play games at work, sure, but also because our customers have developed some really fun, cool titles!

One of the top games at the iTunes App Store, MyDinos Go from Oceanside Interactive is a free App Store download for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. The game places you in the ancient world of Pangea, where you can explore, find new Dynamals for your team, improve their skills by buying gear or researching technology or by battling friends and bosses for money and experience.

The gameplay is relaxed -- the only time limits imposed actually slow down progress in order to keep play sessions short and players coming back day after day. If you're familiar with other "energy over time" style games, the pace and style should be easy to pick up. Of course, if you get really hooked, you can purchase energy to speed up the clock and allow for faster progress.

There's a social element to the game: By adding the other, human, players, you gain bonuses to training and have some opponents to cut your teeth on before taking on the evil Vermin Alliance which has travelled from the future to wreak havoc. If you don't have any friends playing, you can find folks on the game's Facebook fan page.

Oceanside has developed a couple of games using the same engine, including WorldSoccer Go and The Godfather Empire. The latter, featuring the score from the films composed by Nino Rota, was just recently released in Canada but should be available to American customers soon enough. So if the kid-friendly milieu of MyDinosGo, you might find that whacking the goons from a rival family to be more your style.


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