See you at Structure this week!

June 20, 2012 - by shogatwo

Joyent has some traditions around Structure, the annual San Francisco GigaOm event where the cloud cognoscenti gather to discuss, dissect, and often dis happenings in the cloud space – that vague, vaporous, vain place where just about all of IT is headed.

One Joyent tradition at Structure is a Joyent customer panel, where our customers, who are smarter, more articulate, and better looking than we are, talk about what they’re doing in the cloud and how it’s improving their business.  They also share tips and tricks they’ve learned as early adopters in the use of infrastructure as a service.

Another Joyent tradition is the Jason Hoffman show, where our CTO either moderates or participates in a panel and stirs things up by asking provocative questions that he certainly knows the answers to.

This year, the traditions continue.

Our customer panel will take place on Thursday, June 21 at 1:15. TitledHow Smart eCommerce, Mobile and Gaming Companies are Staying Ahead of the Crushing Weight of Today’s Web and Mobile Apps”, it will be moderated by Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst John Rymer. John’s area at Forrester is Application Development and Delivery, and he does a great job of getting speakers to share what they’ve learned about running real-time apps in the cloud. (He was a hit moderating the customer panel at Node Summit earlier this year.)

Our customer panelists are Ty Amell, CEO of StackMob, the mobile PaaS provider; Blake Irvin, Systems Engineering Manager at ModCloth, the women’s clothing social eCommerce site (a favorite of Joyent’s female employees); and James Tamplin, CEO of both Envolve, the customizable online chat software, and of Firebase, the scalable real-time backend for websites.

If you can't attend Structure, we’ll post the customer panel video by Friday, so watch for that on Twitter.

Jason’s panel promises to be as provocative as ever. Moderator  Barb Darrow of GigaOm and co-panelists Dave Rosenberg, CEO of Nodeable and Jason will have a lively discussion about the future of Node in the enterprise with this topic: “IS NODE.JS THE LANGUAGE FOR A REAL-TIME, TRULY DISTRIBUTED FUTURE AT WORK?”

If you’re attending Structure, please be sure to stop by the Joyent “booth”, attend the customer panel Thursday at 1:15 and don’t miss Jason at 3:10. We may not be as good looking as our customers, but we’re reasonably sociable and we’re always happy to talk cloud.


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