Telefónica launches Joyent-powered cloud service in Spain

June 29, 2012 - by shogatwo

Joyent investor and customer Telefónica, the giant Spanish telecom provider in Europe, Latin America and the U.S. and the world's fifth largest mobile carrier, today announced the launch of a new public cloud in Spain based on Joyent technology.

This is a translation of the Spanish language press release. As it indicates, there's more cloud news to come from Telefónica. Read on:


Service to be provided by acens to small, medium and large enterprises

  • Instant Servers provides on-demand computing and storage for small, medium-sized and large companies with particular emphasis on emerging digital companies, mobile applications and developers.
  • Instant Servers is based on Joyent’s high performance technology. Joyent is a company in which Telefónica invested in January 2012. Instant Servers includes the service quality and data localization that Telefónica provides in Spain.  

Madrid, June 29, 2011 - Today, Telefónica is launching Instant Serversin Spain. Instant Servers is an on-demand infrastructure service that allows companies to consume virtual servers–CPU, RAM and storage–on the Internet to host both traditional applications and business processes as well as to develop new mobile and web applications.

The service will be provided by acens, a Telefónica Group business and pioneer in providing cloud hosting solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses. The service will also be available for all large enterprises that Telefónica serves.

Telefónica has global ambitions for the service, and today’s launch in Spain is just the first of many to come around the world. The company plans to launch a second cloud service in London, and the rollout of other cloud services around the world will be announced in coming months. Customers can provision the new service instantly (in only three clicks) and pay only for resources consumed.  Instant Server allows companies to consume their infrastructure services as an operating expense rather than capital expense, providing great financial and computing flexibility.

Instant Servers combines Joyent’s technology, known for high levels of performance and reliability, with Telefónica’s experience in providing high quality services to its clients. In this way, Instant Servers distinguishes itself from other services in the market in that it provides servers capable of processing workloads in 20% less time, telephone customer support in Castilian Spanish, up to 99.9% printed quarterly availability agreements for guaranteed services and the option to choose different physical locations for data, including Spain.

“We’ve had a very good experience with Instant Server as far as performance goes because we’ve found that the solution deploys machines with a very small footprint which makes the performance very suitable for our needs. Additionally, we’ve noticed that latency in the machines within the data center is very low, which has also given us excellent response time when deploying our applications in the cloud,” explained Alberto García Arrieta, Senior Executive responsible for Accenture Cloud Platforms, in an interview for

In January 2012, Telefónica announced a strategic business partnership with Silicon Valley company Joyent through its new business division, Telefónica Digital. Joyent is a provider of cloud services in the U.S. market. Thanks to this alliance, Telefónica made a strategic investment in Joyent who, in turn, offered the global operator access to its latest technological and software for the deployment of efficient, cost-effective and high performance cloud services.  Instant Servers is the first fruit of this alliance.