The Backchannel: Dell Storage Forum, File System Latency, Illumos, Velocity and Node News

June 24, 2011 - by jacksonwest

As you might have noted from our events listings, it's been a busy couple of weeks for team Joyent. Ed Saipetch was in Florida representing Joyent at the Dell Storage Forum, where he sat down with John McArthur and Cali Lewis for a Silicon Angle TV segment. For more of his thoughts on the conference, check out his blog Breathing Data.

Meanwhile, Brendan Gregg finished his opus in five parts on file system latency. After reading parts one, two, three, four and five, check out his special bonus post on why you probably still want to use DTrace even now that MySQL now includes a performance schema that measures file system latency.

Last week Bryan Cantrill was also making the rounds, participating on a panel discussing Illumos with Garrett D'Amore and Adam Leventhal. The next day, he dropped by the Velocity Conference to discuss "Instrumenting the real-time web: Node.js, DTrace and the Robinson Projection." He also took the time to sit down with Velocity Co-Chair Jess Robbins for an interview.

Just in case that isn't enough discussion of performance optimization, Ben Rockwood took time to illustrate how great Graphite is for illustrating DTrace Metrics and Dave Pacheco explained the details of how color hue and saturation in the heatmap visualizations produced by our Cloud Analytics tools are used to visually represent performance data.

Finally, as Joyeur readers know, we're teaming up with Microsoft to port Node.js to Windows. Based on the responses over at the Node blog, many in the community welcome the support. Here at Joyent, we're also pretty happy to see that the latest version of the popular Komodo integrated development environment will support Node.js -- yet another indication that our long-standing belief that JavaScript is a serious, powerful development language is a well-founded one.


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