Top 5 Lists Featuring Joyent -- Includes Bonus List!

April 04, 2011 - by jacksonwest

Everyone loves listicles -- sites love to publish them because people love to click on them! Joyeur is certainly no exception. Recently, we've been featured in a number of lists, so here they are in order of exclusivity -- along with some tips that might help you get past some editorial velvet ropes.

5. 2011 OnDemand 100 Top Private Companies

Nobody produces listicles quite like AlwaysOn, which besides including Joyent on the OnDemand Top 100 as a leader in Cloud Infrastructure is also currently working on the OnMobile 100 Top Company Competition and the AlwaysOn Global 250 Top Company Competition. So if your company hasn't made a list yet, might be time to find Founder and Editor Tony Perkins at one of AlwaysOn's many networking events and hand him a business card.

4. CRN: The Top 20 Cloud Infrastructure Vendors of 2011

One way to make lists is to appeal to a niche audience. CRN Technology News focuses on our industry audience -- technology integrators and solution providers. We read them, and naturally they keep a close eye on us -- and our competition -- so it's rewarding to be honored with a selection. 

3. O’Brien: 11 Predictions for 2011

There is absolutely nothing wrong with rampant speculation in the press, especially when it's from the likes of Chris O'Brien from the San Jose Mercury News. He predicts that "2011 will be the year that many larger players swoop in and start buying up these racehorses," and calls us out as a "hot name" in the business. You'll have to be a site subscriber to see into the rest of O'Brien's crystal ball of a column. But we certainly like the view from his perspective.

2. Top 10 Cloud Computing Providers of 2011

For the second year in a row, we've stayed in the top ten of SearchCloudComputing's top list. Hey, is that Microsoft at number nine?  Check out Jo Maitland and Carl Brooks's reasoning for the rankings on CloudCoverTV.

1. 5 Cloud Software Vendors Dell Should Buy

Last and most exclusive, Derrick Harris gives us a nod as a business fit for our friends at Dell with a handful of other companies. We certainly enjoy working with them to help provide their Dell Cloud Computing Solution. And now we know how celebrities must feel when, after working closely together on a project, suddenly the tabloids are full of gossip. All our publicist is saying for the record is that no, we are not dating Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. Or both Angelina and Brad Pitt. Get those cameras out of our face!

Bonus: CRN also selected us for their "$10 Million Cloud Club: 10 Well-Funded Cloud Computing Vendors" list.

So while we may not be on the guest lists at actual trendy nightclubs -- we are nerds, after all -- we'd much rather be with this sort of quality company in these industry VIP rooms, anyway!

Photo by Jeff Maysh.


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