Try Joyent Manta for Free

July 26, 2013 - by rachelbalik

When we launched the Joyent Manta Storage Service just over a month ago, we were thrilled to see a flood of great first responses from the media, bloggers and the broader community on Twitter. But as we all know, a great launch is only the beginning. A launch is indicative of a product’s potential. What really matters is how you actualize that potential with how you can now store and glean insights on the burgeoning volume of your unstructured data. And yes, when we say “you,” we don’t mean in the general sense. We really mean you.

We know that from a technical standpoint, Joyent Manta is truly revolutionary in bringing compute to data at rest and can accomplish some really amazing things. But that’s only the first step of actualizing the product’s potential. Now we need creativity and real world experiences. That’s where you come in.

We hope that when you first read about our new compute on storage cloud service (think AWS S3+EC2 unified into one service), you immediately began imagining all the incredible things you could accomplish. We certainly don’t want those ideas to go unrealized. You should able to explore, develop and iterate them. What’s more, we think you should be able to do it for free.

That’s why you can try Joyent Manta for free, for 60 days. That’s two months to do whatever you want. Do you just want to economically and securely store terabytes of data in a durable and highly available way? Or do you want to do that and also have the ability to run compute jobs on that data instantly and at will, without having to to move any of that data over a network and back again? Aren't you at all curious? Give Joyent Manta a test drive today with a data set. Do log file analysis, retail analytics or image processing instantly. Get started now, and give us a shout @joyent on Twitter to let us know how it goes.