Tuning into DevBeat 2013

November 11, 2013 - by Channa Bannis

Why attend DevBeat 2013? To start, speakers and track topics reflect the antithesis of a cacophonous expo, which too often focuses on show without the telling of much. Its leading sentence, “The best developers never stop learning” sets high expectations for the delivery of a symphonious content rich program by a veritable list of speakers. It’s a new cutting-edge developer event, and if you’re on the edge, use the Joyent 30% discount.

So, if you’re a developer wanting to add to your toolbelt, please join in. See you there and don’t miss our featured sessions:

Tuesday, November 12th: 10:35-11:30am
Master Class: Node.js (Sussex Annex)
Max Bruning, Training Director, Joyent

Wednesday, November 13th: 12:00-12:25pm
Tech Talk: The State of Node.js (The Lodge - 3rd Floor)
TJ Fontaine, Software Engineer at Joyent

What to Expect:

  • Take 'master classes' on Node, Angular, Python, Ruby, Java, and more
  • Dive into workshops on security, design, and dev team leadership
  • Hear talks from hackers like DHH, Stallman, Lerdorf, and many others
  • Make decisions about what to learn, do, and be in the years to come
  • Hack hardware hands-on with your peers
  • Venture deeper into polyglot territory