Percona 13.1.0 Released

May 01, 2013 - by Christopher Horrell

Joyent is pleased to release an update to our popular Percona image: Percona 13.1.0.

Here are a few notable changes to the new Percona 13.1.0 image that may affect you:

  • The latest Percona image adopts our new versioning scheme that we’ve adopted for all new SmartOS images, starting with base 13.1.0
  • The Percona binaries are are now included in pkgsrc. This means you can now install Percona (and Quickbackup) on any SmartOS machine that is built on pkgsrc 2013Q1

To accommodate moving Percona into pkgsrc we had to make some changes to the Percona 13.1.0 image:

  • The Percona Server MySQL binaries were moved from /mysql to /opt/local/bin
  • The Percona Server SMF service name changed from network/mysql:percona to pkgsrc/percona-server
  • The Percona databases are now stored in /var/mysql/ rather than /databases
  • The Percona configuration file is now located in /opt/local/etc/my.cnf instead of /mysql/my.cnf
  • The Quickbackup service name changed from network/mysql-quickbackup to pkgsrc/quickbackup-percona
  • The Quickbackup backups now stored in /var/backups/percona rather than /backups (the backup location can be changed via Configuring Joyent Quickbackup)

We’ve made sure to update our current Percona documentation in the wiki, and you can also find the full release notes to Percona 13.1.0 here.