Webinar: Take Back Control of Content Delivery

October 17, 2013 - by Joyent

Many of you are familiar with using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to deliver content to customers around the world. While CDNs improve application delivery, a growing number of users report the overall cost of CDN services and the lack of control are barriers to expansion. Joyent and Riverbed have worked together with our customers to provide an option to supplement, expand or even replace a traditional CDN service to help solve those challenges and give customers back control.

We call the solution a Content Delivery Cloud (CDC). At its core is the Stingray Traffic Manager, the only complete software-based Layer 7 application delivery control (ADC) with integrated content optimization and application firewall--all supported under one unified set of cloud solutions.

Watch our experts explore the challenges of a CDN and how CDC can potentially alleviate those challenges while improving delivery and load time performance. We'll also show the solution in action with a live demo using real websites to show the power of even a very basic implementation of the solution in the Joyent Cloud.