Webinar: When's The Right Time For Managed DNS?

April 03, 2013 - by Joyent

For a growing business with an online presence, understanding the right time to move to a managed DNS solution is an extremely important decision. Downtime is unacceptable to today's modern web user and more than ever before, brand loyalty, content delivery and revenue are attached to one thing: having a fast and 100% available website.

Easier said than done. How does a brand decide is the right time upgrade to premium uptime? what are the decision criteria? There are many options, what worked a decade ago may not work today.

Joyent CTO Jason Hoffman and Dyn CTO Cory von Wallenstein conduct an hour-long webinar to dive into all of these topics, and how both Joyent and Dyn can help customers of all sizes figure it out what's best for them.