What is Node? Answers from Node Summit

January 25, 2012 - by jacksonwest

While talking to fellow Node.js enthusiasts in San Francisco for Node Summit this week, we asked what seems like a simple question: "What is Node?" We got answers ranging from the basic but technical to the detailed but metaphorical, and provided by a wide range of experts from companies of all sizes working in a number of different fields. Going to show that through the power of simplicity, Node.js promises a wealth of opportunity.

Here are some of the people who answered the question:

Eric Meijjer, Iconoclast, Microsoft

Isaac Schlueter, npm creator and engineer, Joyent

Rik Arends, CTO , Cloud9

Derek Collison, CTO and Chief Architect, VMWare

John Rymer, VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Glen Loughheed, CEO, NodeFly

Colin Rand, Associate Director of Technology, AKQA

Adam Bragg, Tagalong

Hunter Loftis, Lead Engineer, Products and Labs at Skookum Digital Works

Ben Lowenstein, Co-Founder of Colingo

Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz, Vice President, Platform Architect, Yahoo!

Paul Serby, CTO, Clock Limited

Charlie Robbins, CEO, Nodejitsu

Paul Baumgart, Â Founder, ProxV